Cherrytronix BV




Cherrytronix performs end-of-life services for used ICT-equipment.

We also buy (large) quantities of used ICT-equipment.

Furthermore, we :

- pick up goods

- check goods

- repair them if possible

- clean them if neccesary

- perform CERTIEFIED datawipes of harddisks

- remove LOGO-paper from printers

- remove CDroms, disketttes, memorysticks, simcards etc.

- sell the functioning equipment

- recycle defective and/or useless equipment accoring to environmental laws

This is mainly performed on contract-basis, but can also be performed on project-basis.

Usable equipment is mainly sold in countries which are the newer members of our european union.

Our programs helps these countries in developing their economies which is important for the EU as a unity.


Cherrytronix BV

Ammerzoden Netherlands

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